animal welfare

Animal welfare is one of the three corporate pillars and is a top priority at BONNIBOLD. We mainly refer to strays. Street dogs, like street cats, are pets that we humans made pets thousands of years ago. However, nowadays there are all four-legged friends who are ownerless and roam the streets. They have to starve, multiply uncontrollably and are partly driven out by humans.

In Austria, however, there are far fewer strays than in other countries - we Austrians can be quite proud of that. Dedicated organizations, some of which are voluntary, do their best to ensure that dogs and cats don't starve to death on the streets. BONNIBOLD would therefore like to sincerely thank all the organizations that work for animal welfare!

BONNIBOLD would also like to get involved in animal welfare in other countries. Examples of countries where there are many strays are Romania, Cyprus and Turkey. We would like to help the animal protection organizations and support them in the best possible way. For this reason, 2% of our sales go to needy four-legged friends (that's approx. 10% of our profit). So 2% of every item sold goes to strays, who should be able to live a better life.

BONNIBOLD customers receive a monthly report in the newsletter if they have registered for it. In it we show what we have achieved with our donations. Wondering how the distribution to the selected organizations will take place? For technical reasons, the distribution is currently being carried out equally among all participating organizations.