Animal protection

Animal protection is one of the three company pillars and is very important to BONNIBOLD. We are mainly referring to strays.Street dogs and street cats are pets that we humans made into pets thousands of years ago. However, these days there are all four-legged friends who are ownerless and roam the streets. They have to starve, multiply uncontrollably and are sometimes driven out by humans.

In Austria, however, there are far fewer strays than in other countries - we Austrians can be proud of that. Committed, partly voluntary organizations do their best to prevent dogs and cats from starving on the streets. BONNIBOLD would therefore like to sincerely thank all the organizations that support animal welfare!

BONNIBOLD would also like to get involved in animal welfare in other countries. Countries where there are many strays include Romania, Cyprus and Türkiye. We would like to give the animal protection organizations a helping hand and support them in the best possible way. For this reason, 2% of our sales go to four-legged friends in need (that's approx. 10% of our profits). So 2% of every piece sold goes to strays to give them a better life.

BONNIBOLD customers receive a monthly report in the newsletter if they have registered for this. In it we show what we have achieved with our donations. Are you wondering how distribution is made to the selected organizations? For each product you can choose which organization our donation should go to. Here you can find the individual organizations we support:

TierQuarTier Vienna:

In the TierQuarTier Vienna, lost, homeless, confiscated and confiscated dogs, cats and small animals find a temporary home in the city of Vienna. All animals receive the best medical care, care and support during their stay until they can be placed in a nice, new place. Further information about TierQuarTier Vienna can be found at: 
You are also welcome to make an additional donation to TierQuarTier Vienna at:
UniCredit Bank Austria
BLZ: 12000
Account no.: 10013699342
IBAN: AT59 1200 0100 1369 9342
The paradise for handicats:
Disabled, mutilated cats find a home in the paradise for HandiCats. All animals receive the best medical care, care and support during their stayFurther information about HandiCats can be found at:
You are also welcome to make an additional donation to the Paradise for HandiCats at:
Our donation account:
Cat Hope Steiermark
IBAN: AT98 12000 100 1600 9762


Waldviertler stray cats:

"Waldviertler Streunerkatzen is a regional animal welfare association that takes care of homeless cats in need. We take care of stray, farm and lost cats.The aim is to help owners and farmers by providing support in the placement of young cats and veterinary care for emergency animals. In order to tackle the problem at its root, castration campaigns are also carried out on an ongoing basis.Especially in rural regions such as the Waldviertel, there is an enormous need for action due to the existing stray cat problem. We make an enormously important contribution to preventing animal suffering in Austria by actively supporting regional domestic cat animal protection.
Sustainability is one of the most important goals of our animal welfare work. The focus is mainly on stray cat castration projects, because "castration prevents animal suffering in the long term!". For every single emergency cat that we can successfully adopt, everything changes for the better throughout their life." 
You can find further information about Waldviertler stray cats at:
You are also welcome to make an additional donation to the Waldviertel Stray Cats at:
Waldviertler Stray Cats
IBAN: AT923290400001004647