Women's fashion

    BONNIBOLD. Your online shop for sustainable fashion for women.

    As a fair fashion company, we at Bonnibold attach great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. We cannot imagine that there are people who do not take climate change and the destruction of valuable natural resources seriously. And sustainable fashion is an important element to improve the situation.

    We simply can't buy the majority of our fashion from fast fashion brands anymore. It doesn't matter whether we prefer to wear everyday clothing such as women's jeans, women's sweaters and dresses or unusual clothing such as a tunic. There are also sustainable versions of most clothing items. They are usually very chic and easy to wear. We fair fashionistas should equip our wardrobe with as many pieces from fair fashion brands as possible.

    Because we know very well that things urgently need to change - especially in the world of fashion - we have turned our dream into a career. In our online shop we put together beautiful sustainable fashion for you to show you a path from fast fashion to fair fashion.

    Eco, organic, fair, vegan – with us you will find sustainable clothing and textiles that meet all of these criteria. We only sell sustainable fashion. The clothing, accessories and household textiles you find here are made from environmentally friendly and chemical-free materials such as organic cotton or linen. So that you can shop with a clear conscience, we pay close attention to ensuring that your fair fashion clothing from Bonnibold is produced in a humane and sustainable manner.

    Organic cotton in particular is a material with which the fair fashion industry can significantly reduce environmental impact and other harmful side effects. Because half of all textiles contain cotton and because of this dimension there would be positive mass effects if everyone switched to organic cotton.

    Do you have specific preferences when it comes to the look and type of sustainable clothing you wear? Or are you an explorer who likes to look around and be inspired? You are definitely welcome here.

    You're sure to find your new favorite pieces in our collection. After all, we want sustainable clothing to be fun too. We have already made a small pre-selection for you so that our range always remains manageable and does not tempt you into overconsumption, which is caused by the fast fashion industry. And yet the collection is extensive and has many exciting pieces for fair fashionistas. In addition to our own fashion label, we also carry sustainable clothing from other really sustainable brands, especially from Germany and Austria.

    From casual T-shirts, beautiful women's sweaters, trendy trousers and women's jeans, chic sustainable dresses to elegant jackets - there is something here for every taste. And do you already have a tunic? No? A tunic is always an asset to your wardrobe. A tunic is not only very pretty, but also extremely practical, as light, airy clothing for the home in summer and winter.

    Of course, we also offer a large selection of sustainable scarves, shawls and hats. Everything is made from high-quality and sustainable materials and is produced fairly. And despite the trendy and fashionable cuts, the fits are also very comfortable.

    Take a look around our online shop and find the sustainable fashion that suits you!