Household textiles

    BONNIBOLD. Fair and sustainable textiles to make you feel good

    Redesign your home with our high-quality household textiles. From elegant tablecloths to durable kitchen towels and cozy pillowcases, add a touch of luxury and style to any room.

    Although they seem to be quite banal items, no household can do without blankets, pillowcases, tea towels or even carpets. They are everyday objects that not only have a specific function, but also decorate the home and literally make us feel that we are at home.

    Don't you immediately feel good when you come home after a day at the office and lean back on the soft sofa cushions, pull the cozy blanket over you and can really "switch off" for the first time in the day? With a clear conscience that your skin is wrapped in sustainable textiles made from organic cotton that are gentle and beautiful, do not harm it and do not exploit the people who made them.

    And the textiles we use in the kitchen can also increase our well-being. When we cook really fancy candlelight dinners and wash the fine porcelain by hand after a lovely evening, it's always a nice feeling when we cover our finest plates and glasses with pretty, soft and, above all, sustainable tea towels Dry organic cotton. You can feel the quality of the fabric against your skin and know that it is made from the best materials. By hand and with attention to detail. Sustainable tea towels made from organic cotton or other sustainable textiles are an absolute must in every household.

    Our philosophy: As with all textiles that we come into contact with every day, it is important for home textiles that they do not contain any toxins that irritate our skin or cause long-term harm to us. The best textiles are those that are made without chemicals using natural and nature-friendly materials, such as organic cotton. The skin is the largest and one of the most important organs in the human body. She deserves the best home textiles available. And sustainable blankets, cloths and towels made from organic cotton are simply far superior to non-sustainable textiles. If they were also produced and traded fairly, then these are exactly the textiles you will find with us.

    Our beautiful, sustainable and fair textiles are also ideal for all of us who are consciously looking for something high-quality and special for the household. Whether sustainable carpets, blankets, unusual tea towels or pillow covers, many of our household textiles are handmade (knotted, printed or sewn). And all of them are always of the best quality. Ecologically produced, certified and fairly traded, these sustainable textiles are a wonderful addition to your home that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

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