About Us


Hello girls,

Welcome to Bonnibold! My name is Ayse Cetin and I am the founder and manager of our Fair Fashion online shop. I want to make the world a better place by doing the best I can for nature, people and animals. I founded BONNIBOLD to keep my female clientele up to date with high quality, fashionable clothing and women-specific topics. However, it is particularly important to me not to harm nature, people or animals.

To familiarize you with our corporate vision, I would like to take you on a short journey through the history of Bonnibold's origins.

During my last vacation, I visited my birthplace again after many years. I once again became aware of how modestly the people there live and how few material items they have. Nevertheless, they seem to be very grateful, imaginative, joyful and hopeful. People are happy and always busy implementing their ideas and dreams day after day.

Some things have always bothered me. However, I never had the courage to do anything about it. It is very important to me to offer animals a paradise home. They should be protected, well fed and respected. At the same time, I want to stand up for nature and people who have a harder time. Now it's time to take the helm and turn my plans into reality.

During my visit, I noticed one thing: the people there are not like me. They don't wait until retirement to do what they love. However, I'm already waiting, but why? Every time I feel compassion for neglected people and animals, I want to stand up for them. The visit to my homeland and the experiences there gave me the decisive impetus to implement my heartfelt project.

And that's how Bonnibold came into being. By selling goods from people who have a big heart for animals, I support animals. This enables me to give animals a helping hand and offer them a better life. Bonnibold's goal is to work with people and suppliers who want to protect people, animals and nature in the best possible way.

What does all this have to do with textiles?

I was born in a region that lived from the textile industry. I spent my childhood in cotton fields, in spinning mills and between looms. I still remember the time when I picked cotton myself as a small child.

My childhood shaped my later career because I completed training as a textile technician. Over the last few years I have been able to gain a lot of experience. I not only attach great importance to quality and sustainability, but also to the beauty and style of textiles. And all of this without exploitation of people, animals or nature!

I believe that innovation and progress are very important; However, this should not result in a waste of resources. Cheap mass production and the use of clothing as disposable goods in the style of fast fashion is not right. We all know the conditions under which fast fashion is produced and who benefits most from it.

On the other side of the industry there are people who produce these goods with love and by hand. Fair Fashion is a fashion concept with future potential. In the long term, we are not exploiting resources, but rather doing something good for the earth and ourselves. The best thing is: These people love their work and enjoy producing textiles for sustainable fashion.

Bonnibold supports these people, helps animals and the environment and sells sustainably produced fashion. We look forward to offering you an insight into our shop and giving fair fashion a chance together!