Large hammam towels

    Large hammam towels (80x180 cm):

    Welcome to our hammam towels – a real all-rounder when it comes to textiles! Here are some fascinating possibilities and uses for this special cloth:

    Stylish beach accessory: Add a touch of elegance to your beach day by using the hammam towel as a stylish beach towel. Its light weight and generous size make it the ideal companion for sunny days by the sea.

     Trendy scarf or pareo: Wrap the hammam towel around your shoulders and create a fashionable scarf or pareo in no time. The patterns and colors leave room for individual styles, be it on the beach, in the city or at festivals.

    Practical picnic accessory: Make your picnic a stylish experience by using the hammam towel as a picnic blanket. It is easy to transport, quickly unfolded and offers comfortable seating for relaxing moments outdoors.

    Practical travel companion:  The hammam towel is the ideal companion when traveling. It is light, takes up little space in the suitcase and can be used in many ways - be it as a towel, scarf or blanket on the plane.

    Hammam towel = shower towel, bath towel, fitness towel: With its wide range of uses, this hammam towel can also serve as a shower towel, bath towel or even as a fitness towel. The quick drying and compact size make it the perfect companion for your sporting activities.

    Goal across all 4 seasons: Imagine only needing one or even a few of these hammam towels to accompany you through all four seasons. Versatile, functional and stylish – that is the aim of our hammam towels.

    Overall, the hammam towel is more than just a simple textile. It is a lifestyle accessory that combines functionality and style. Discover the versatile possibilities of this cloth and let it become your faithful companion in various life situations!

    • Beach towel: Large hammam towels are ideal as a stylish beach towel. The generous size offers enough space for relaxing hours by the sea.
    • Fitness towel: Perfect for your fitness workout. The large hammam towel absorbs sweat efficiently while remaining light and comfortable.
    • Shower towel: After showering or bathing, the large hammam towel ensures quick drying and well-being.
    • Sauna towel: Enjoy sauna sessions in luxury. The large towel offers optimal coverage and quick drying.


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