BONNIBOLD is a fair fashion online shop that has a manageable range of high-quality, fashionable clothing as well as accessories and household textiles. Our primary target group are women, whom we want to keep up to date with the latest trends. BONNIBOLD is based on three corporate pillars: Man, animal and nature. When manufacturing and selling our products, these three pillars are taken into account. 

Pillar 1: By working with women from structurally weaker regions and buying their clothes, we create perspectives. 

Pillar 2: With every item sold, BONNIBOLD supports animals that need help. It is particularly important to us to promote animal welfare through cooperation with people who help animals. 

Pillar 3: Nature should be protected as much as possible by using ecological materials. When buying a new piece of clothing, every individual should be aware that new achievements are associated with negative consequences for our environment. At BONNIBOLD, we want to encourage people to buy sustainable products and create awareness.

BONNIBOLD wants to make the world a better place. With the production of our articles we want to support people, animals and nature in the best possible way. Social, ecological and ethical aspects are included in all our decisions.

Through our projects, we want to make the three corporate pillars as lively as possible. Here you can follow all current projects at any time. We do our best to update these as often as possible so that we can keep you up to date.