organic cotton plant

Hey you!

You want to know how cotton is grown in my birthplace in the Aegean? We have documented the growth process of our organic cotton plants for you. 

It all begins with sowing on the 18th. April. The seeds look like this:

You have to know that when organic cotton is grown sustainably, no chemical pesticides are used and the plants do not have to be watered.

While the tractor churns up the earth, the seeds are scattered by hand one by one:

Am 28. and 29 It finally rains in April.

Am 2. The plants have already taken on the following shape:

Two weeks later, on 18 May, they are already a lot bigger:

Am 22. May the ground is hoed up to loosen the soil a little and the weeds are removed:

Am 6. June they look like this:

As soon as we get new photos of the growth process, we will of course share them with you right away. See you soon!