Hamam towels

    Bonnibold cloths – masterpieces of hand-woven art from Turkey

    Welcome to the fascinating world of Bonnibold, where every cloth tells a unique story of traditional craftsmanship and dedication. Our handwoven treasures are crafted by talented women in Turkey on old looms that we are proud to bring back to life.

    The hammam towels in different sizes are not only practical, but also versatile. The high-quality organic cotton and the special weaving technique make them an enrichment for your everyday life, whether at home, in the gym or on the beach. Experience comfort and style with our hammam towels in different sizes and discover the many possible uses in your daily life.

    Production: In the hands of experienced craftswomen, centuries-old traditions come to life. Our shawls are created on old looms in Turkey, operated by women who have learned to weave since childhood. Each piece is a testament to attention to detail and a legacy that is passed on.

    Material: Our towels are made from carefully selected high-quality cotton and linen. These natural materials not only offer a feeling of luxury and comfort, but also represent sustainability. Every cloth is a connection to the treasures of nature.

    Promoting traditional crafts: Our passion goes beyond sales. We repair old looms in Turkey, enable women to weave and sew, and actively promote traditional crafts. The quality of our threads and fabrics is selected and checked according to Austrian or EU standards - for products you can rely on.

    Human Animal Nature: Bonnibold stands on the pillars human, animal and nature. In addition to supporting women, we jointly support strays by feeding, vaccinating and neutering them. This is how we contribute to the balance of nature.

    Immerse yourself in the world of Bonnibold and discover not only high-quality fabrics, but also the stories and craftsmanship behind each of our unique products. And if you always want to be up to date, subscribe to our newsletter for the latest information.