Luxury bathrobes – exclusive world of well-being

    Welcome to our exclusive collection of luxury bathrobes, where the fascinating world of hammam towels serves as the basis for exquisite bathrobes, ponchos and tunics. Each piece is a work of art, woven from high-quality materials, available in different motifs and colors - an expression of individuality and style.

    We avoid overproduction by using standard sizes. The bathrobes can be individually adjusted, worn loose or tight with a belt. Just like hammam towels, bathrobes also have a variety of uses. Many of these applications are even discovered by our customers. A customer says that his Cleopatra bathrobe has become his favorite leisure suit.

    Bathrobes made of organic cotton and linen: With bathrobes from Bonnibold you are well equipped for every season. The bathrobes made from organic cotton or blends of organic cotton and linen are particularly light, space-saving and can be easily stored in your luggage or carried on the go. They are very absorbent and dry quickly. Bathrobes are the perfect choice if you are looking for sustainable, lightweight clothing that fits into any outfit.

    The best thing about Bonnibold bathrobes is that they are GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 certified. Manufactured under fair working conditions and free from harmful chemicals, they are perfect for people who want to choose sustainable and long-lasting clothing.

    Simple, stylish, sustainable: bathrobes are available in a few colors and patterns, so you can be sure to find a piece that perfectly suits your personal style. Colors that people with style love. Due to our small factory and old looms, a lot of manual work is necessary, which means that large quantities of colors cannot be produced. The soft and breathable organic cotton makes them extremely comfortable.

    Discover the luxury bathrobes from Bonnibold now and give your look a summery feeling. Choose sustainable and long-lasting clothing that highlights your personal style. Luxurious bathrobes are great for adding a summery feel to your look all year round.

    The bathrobes are also ideal for saunas, spas, thermal baths and wellness stays in the hotel. For those who don't want to go uncovered and don't prefer terry cloth robes, luxury bathrobes offer a stylish alternative or can be worn as a vest.

    Behind the scenes: craftsmanship and sustainability: Are you wondering how our wonderful luxury bathrobes are made? At BONNIBOLD we combine old and new. The traditional manufacturing process is retained to help conserve resources. The fabric is created on a semi-automatic weaving machine without the use of chemicals. The fringes are twisted and knotted by hand. The coloring is then carried out with vegetable colors using the stone printing method (lithography). The bathrobe is made with attention to detail to offer you a sustainable and unique garment.