Teppich Krebs schwarz 90x60 cm - Bonnibold

Carpet Cancer black 90x60 cm

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Material100% wool

Color: green-gray-white-black

Size: approx. 90x60 cm

Special features: hand-knotted; unique piece; Yarns are vegetable dyed

Worth knowing: the thinner and softer a kilim, the more knots it has (longer working time); the finer a kilim, the higher its quality and market value

Are you wondering how our carpets are made? We, at BONNIBOLD, will tell you: The carpets are made in winter by the few Anatolian, nomadic women and girls still alive. Making carpets is an important part of their income. They use the income they earn to keep their families afloat. If you take a closer look, you'll notice that each carpet tells its own story. The nomads express themselves in the patterns and colors during production. They weave their dreams and feelings into the tapestry. This makes each model unique!

There is a story behind every kilim. The motifs incorporated into the carpet are images that have been passed down by nomads from generation to generation over the centuries. Would you like to know what story the kilim pictured tells? We'll tell you: The pictures in the middle represent two crabs. In nomadic mythology, these symbolize blessing. The green leaf-like symbols around it are intended to represent habitats into which crabs migrate. Furthermore, grains of grain can be seen on the carpet. These are intended to reflect prosperity. If the carpet serves as a gift, it should wish prosperity and happiness to the person who receives it.